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Contract Services

    Why use USA Technical Search, Inc.  for all of your contract needs?

    •  A commitment to diverse staffing.

    •  A proven history of finding highly skilled personnel in a timely manner.

    •  Lower mark up rates than current competitors. 

    •  On site representation to work in a partnership with your managers to address all employee-related   
        matters, answer any questions/concerns, and provide additional HR related duties as needed.  Hablamos 
        espanol tambien. 

    •  Over $10,000,000 insurance coverage for each contract employee
        This is 10x’s the coverage required by most clients and agencies. 

    •  MBE certified - State of Illinois (Department of Central Management Services).   

    •  We offer criminal background checks and social security checks for all of our contract employees.  Social  
        security checks are required for every contract employee that we provide

    •  We require that each contract employee take a English and Math assessment test

    •  They must earn a passing score to be considered for employment. 

    •  We provide quarterly reports with detailed information regarding our contract employees, the billing rates, and 
        any additional pertinent information you require. 

    •  We provide health insurance coverage for each contract employee (through an outside vendor).  They have
        the right to accept or reject this employee-paid coverage. 

    •  We pledge our integrity, honesty, and dedication to servicing your company on a 24-hour on call basis.  You 
        will be able to page or call your account rep. and assigned employment specialist on any day… and any time. 

    •  We can provide you with current references from our clients.  We have a wonderful reputation in the staffing
        industry, and have always been committed to addressing the needs of our clients and employees.

USA Technical Search, Inc.
65 E. Palatine Rd. Ste. 119 
Prospect Heights, IL 60070
Phone: 847.353.3077  
Fax:  847.353.3078

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